Tag: Inauguration


I arrived in Augustus Oregon, having returned home from journeys that diverged and meandered over roads less traveled. My birthplace, my first love, my sanctuary, Augustus Oregon is unique in all the world because it is and always has been a small, quiet town that has managed to prosper and evolve while civilization at large appears to unravel under dubious regimes and nefarious state players.

My homecoming, marked by celebratory events, included a gathering of friends and family at Jake’s Tavern and Town Hall, fabulous drinking and eating establishment that also serves as a central location for conducting town hall meetings. Amber ale filled steins, whiskey glasses held single malts, and vast platers of grilled meats and vegetables adorned every table. Everyone wore broad smiles on their faces and engaged themselves in friendly conversations and the swapping of wild yarns from the early settlement years. All had a good time.

Home once again, I felt grand and loved, but the back of my mind reminded me of the days to come. There was no escape from the debriefings that lie ahead before the Township Council. I filed extensive field reports of my travels to avoid a long series of debriefings by the Township Council. However, I knew too well that specific events I encountered during my journeys would require more in-depth discussions and analysis, in particular, those events that involved the escalation of territorial disputes in the South China Sea and the nuclear arms posturing between the United States and Russia.

For now, I was content celebrating with food and drink in the company of my friends and family.

Augi out.


The Big Thunk

Like the Big Bang, the Big Thunk evolved out of nothing, and one day it manifested in my reality. In an instant, it was there, or I was there, and I stammered in my thoughts trying to analyze what had happened. Failing to organize and classify all the objects in the debris field, I opted to accept, adapt and let the manifestation guide me through the rest of my journey. I brooded over a name that would both inspire me and describe my epiphany: Augustus Oregon. Don’t bother; you won’t find it on the map unless you have the same route in my possession. The closer I get to Augustus Oregon, the cacophony of voices causes my head to swell. The time will come when I ditch the map and let the voices guide me the remainder of the way. There’s one room left at Charlene’s B&B, and it’s mine.