The Big Thunk

Like the Big Bang, the Big Thunk evolved out of nothing, and one day it manifested in my reality. In an instant, it was there, or I was there, and I stammered in my thoughts trying to analyze what had happened. Failing to organize and classify all the objects in the debris field, I opted to accept, adapt and let the manifestation guide me through the rest of my journey. I brooded over a name that would both inspire me and describe my epiphany: Augustus Oregon. Don’t bother; you won’t find it on the map unless you have the same route in my possession. The closer I get to Augustus Oregon, the cacophony of voices causes my head to swell. The time will come when I ditch the map and let the voices guide me the remainder of the way. There’s one room left at Charlene’s B&B, and it’s mine.


  1. Alex says:

    Ooo, one room left, and it’s all yours, Kenny! I suspect we are about to meet not just the rest of the B&Bs occupents, but those of the town itself, and take quite the journey. Can’t wait!

  2. Alex says:

    Just as well there was one room left in the B&B for you, Kenny! As I’m sure, as the duly designated reporter, we are going to hear a lot more about the town, and from Augi and his friends!

    I can’t wait.

    • Kenny says:

      I can’t wait too, Alexandra. Occupying my mind so often, Augi is one of the most formidable characters to roost inside my head. I believe surprises are coming our way, my dear friend. This ain’t Kansas City. Thank you for joining me in the journey.

      • Alex says:

        I too have just started my next novel endeavour, and wrote the opening prologue last night. So things are afoot for both of us, dear friend. And I’m looking forward to following Augi on his journey!

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